Research Experience

University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)                                     June 2014- current    Department of Experimental Psychology                                                           

Project 1: “MapSpace— How humans encode, represent and use basic spatial information in perception and action: behavioral and neural evidence”.

  • Co-authors: Albert Postma (full professor); Ineke van der Ham (associate professor, University of Leiden); Mathijs Raemaekers (Post-Doc, Utrecht Medical Center UMCU)


Project 2: “The influence of emotions on spatial memory”

  • Co-authors: Ineke van der Ham (associate professor, Leiden University); Michael Claessen (Ph.D. student, University of Utrecht)


Project 3: “The weight of auditory events on visual reachability judgments”

  • Co-authors: Nathan van der Stoep (assistant professor, University of Utrecht); Manasa Kandula (Ph.D. student, University of Utrecht)




Second University of Naples (Italy)                                 

Department of Psychology                                                                    January 2012-current

Project 1: “Peripersonal space: the boundary between body, objects and events”.

  • Co-authors: Tina Iachini (associate professor); Gennaro Ruggiero (researcher)


   Project 2: “Egocentric and allocentric spatial representations: the role of familiarity,

ageing, and vision”.

  • Co-authors: Tina Iachini (associate professor); Gennaro Ruggiero (researcher);




   Project 3: “Egocentric/Allocentric frames of references and Categorical/Coordinate

Spatial relations”.

  • Co-authors: Tina Iachini (associate professor); Albert Postma (full professor); Ineke van der Ham (associate professor, University of Leiden)




University of Bologna (Italy)                                     September 2012- September 2014

Project 1: “Who is speaking? Implicit and explicit self and other voice recognition”.

  • Co-authors: Francesca Frassinetti (associate professor); Tina Iachini (associate professor); Michela Candini (PhD student); Elisa Zamagni (Post-Doc)




University Parthenope (Italy)                                                 January 2013- June2013

 Project 1: “Toward a teaching embodied-centered: perspectives of research and


  • Co-authors: Maria Luisa Iavarone (associate professor); Tina Iachini (associate





Second University of Naples (Italy)                            October, 2010- October, 2011

            Department of Architecture

Project 1: “New Audio-Visual methods for the assessment of noise on people’s annoyance and cognitive performance”

  • Co-authors: Luigi Maffei (full professor); Tina Iachini (associate professor); Massimiliano Masullo (researcher); Gennaro Ruggiero (researcher); Vincenzo Paolo Senese (researcher); Maria Di Gabriele (Post-Doc); Francesco Aletta (Ph.D. student).




University of Plymouth (UK)                                     September, 2005 – October, 2005

Project: “Spatial memory in large-scale outdoor environments”

  • Visiting undergraduate student. Role: data collection.
  • Supervisors: Prf. Angelo Cangelosi and Prof. Kenny Coventry.